The Orphans' Project is the first and most successful elephant orphan rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. It was established by the The Sheldrick Trust, a pioneering conservation organization, dedicated to the protection of elephants and the preservation of habitats in East Africa.

The orphans projects rescues baby elephants that were orphaned due do human-wildlife conflict or natural causes. They then get rehabilitated and nurtured until they can go back to the wild. More than 250 orphans already returned to the wild successfully and some of them even had their own babies!

Rescued orphan elephants require specialist milk formula to survive and the Keepers bottle feed the Nursery orphans freshly mixed milk every three hours, day and night. 

Elephant Hug is dedicating 10% of our profits to buying milk for the orphans. Every $6 donated  can buy 2 bottles of milk which equals one feed for a baby elephant!

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With love,

Elephant Hug team

June 21, 2021 — Assaf Bielski