The Royals


By buying this product you will donate Bottle of milk for a nursery elephant
  • Majestic elephant couple figurines, a symbol of love, care and family unity.
  • High-quality craftsmanship, beautiful antique style
  • Sturdy, durable build
  • Figurines size: 
    • Small: 11 X 5 X 3 / 27 X 12 X 7 cm
    • Large: 12 X 5 X 3.5 / 30 X 13 X 8 cm
  • Available in three colors - wood, gold and blue.

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    Bottle of milk for a nursery elephant

    Rescued orphan elephants in our care require specialist milk formula to survive and our Keepers bottle feed the Nursery orphans freshly mixed milk.

    Why Elephant Hug?

    1. We really love elephants and want to harness this love into doing good for others

    2. We believe that adopting an elephant is the best possible embodiment of a deep family bond

    3. You want to strengthen your family bond, by showing your loved ones the good you can do for others

    4. Your donation of physical products, such as bottles, spouts, or other critical gear, directly benefits the elephant orphanage in Kenya

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