Elephant Hug was established by two friends who always wanted to build a business together. While considering their joint enterprise they discovered that their love for elephants is shared by millions around the world! So they decided to leave their high-paying corporate jobs, do something for themselves and their community, and create a place where elephant lovers can find a full range of quality products to express their love for elephants. 

Elephant Hug is taking its mission very seriously. To assure we have the best collection of products, we regularly review hundreds of products from all around the world and perform rigorous quality checks before they go on the store. Our customer service strives to answer any question and solve any issue as quickly as possible to make our customers happy. However, if despite all our efforts you are still unsatisfied then we have a 100% money back guarantee.

Expressing our love for elephants also means helping to protect elephants in the wild, so we have committed to contributing 10% of our profits to elephant welfare. We are currently contributing to the elephants’ orphan project in Kenya. Operated by The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, its goal is saving orphan elephants and taking care of them until they are ready to return to the wild. See more details on our blog.